Agro players

“In the past, we had been focused on selling small quantities of red onions to multiple brokers. Recently, Noya Enterprises has given us the opportunity to fulfill large contracts, which has secured us for the entire season. They have opened doors for us to directly supply large Middle Eastern markets in the GCC.”

Local female entrepreneurs

“I am a local TV supplier and recently found myself utilizing almost all my revenue on expenses. I needed a way to increase my customer base, but lacked the capital to do so. Kuber has helped me grow my business by 5 times, and we have never been more successful.”

“I am a local grocery supplier, aiming to empower women in my community by employing them. Before doing business with Kuber Finance, I would borrow from local loan sharks and I was struggling to pay my employees. Working with Kuber has helped me slowly pay off my debt. They provided me with favourable payment terms that sustained my business, and advised me on cutting expenses. Since then, I have grown my customer base to over 200 supermarkets. The women I employ have been able to afford tuition in middle-class schools for their children.”

Redevelopment contractor

“Noya Enterprises headed the capital raising for the construction of our most recent redevelopment mandate. We enjoyed one of the best partnerships we’ve had in the industry. The funds were scheduled and arrived per a premeditated schedule. More importantly, the permit and approval process was the easiest and fastest we have ever experienced! We’d love to partner with Noya Enterprises at the next available opportunity.”


“I invested with Noya Enterprises when I needed a steady, guaranteed stream of payments, an alternative to leaving my cash sitting in a bank account. The annual returns I was getting were much higher than any investment I could have made at home in Qatar. I was being repaid on a quarterly basis. I was so happy, that I invested more money only 6 months later.”