Agro commodities trading: Investment in Srushti International

Noya Enterprises empowers farmers and small communities in rural India to become active suppliers of global foods. We have partnered with Srushti International, a local exporter of high-quality red onions. After our investment, Srushti International was able to increase onion volumes and, consequently, revenue by over 70% in less than a year.

Microfinance: Investment in Iyengar’s Bakery

Kuber Finance, our microfinancing arm, has lent to over 300 businesses. The majority of these involve female entrepreneurs, restaurants, food suppliers/farmers and small convenience stores. One of our partner clients is Iyengar’s Bakery in Mumbai. This cake shop is run by young Urmila and her mother after they took the business over from Urmila’s father, who passed away 6 years ago. Throughout the pandemic, Kuber Finance supported the bakery by restructuring six months’ worth of installments. We also supported Urmila and her mother by providing pro-bono consulting services, helping them increase their sales two-fold and introducing them to an online selling platform. By helping our clients succeed, we are able to meet our ROI targets.

Investment in Amol Constructions

Amol Constructions has stood out to us as a successful doorway into the construction and infrastructure sector. We have financed Amol Constructions through debt facilities, helping the company apply for and secure government tenders, procure construction equipment and maintain operations with healthy working capital turnover. Our association has helped Amol Constructions double its revenue in the span of 18 months.

Redevelopment in Ghatkopar

We are financing Pragati Developers, a Mumbai-based builder, in redeveloping a slum in a suburb of eastern Mumbai known as Ghatkopar. The new residential building will consist of ~100 units, and will be complete in 2023.