Noya Enterprises, registered in Mumbai as Noya Infrastructure LLP, is dedicated to bolstering emerging economies by providing diverse sources of fuel energy, with a primary focus on India.

Benefiting from our sister company, Noya General Trading LLC, based in the UAE, we’ve gained access to Middle Eastern refineries, including strategic partnerships in Sharjah. This positioning allows us to ensure a consistent supply of petrochemical products and derivatives to meet our clients’ growing energy demands.

India’s transformation into a developed nation is well underway, with infrastructure development serving as a cornerstone for sustained growth and stability. Noya Infrastructure LLP is strategically positioned to contribute significantly to this evolution.

Established in 2019, we’ve emerged as a key player in the oil and gas industry. Leveraging a JV in Sharjah, we can produce fuel with the same energy output as diesel but at a 20% reduced cost, aligning with India’s push towards alternative energy sources.

The Indian market’s pegged fuel prices provide additional opportunities. Therefore, we focus on exercising precise control over our costs, particularly in fuel production. Our in-house team at the refinery crafts proprietary blends tailored to our clients’ needs, effectively mitigating the impact of price volatility.

Looking ahead, we aim to expand our operations by increasing volumes and diversifying our supplier network. This expansion will enable us to further integrate vertically, investing in critical assets like storage tanks and tanker vessels.

At Noya Infrastructure LLP, our commitment lies in fostering partnerships with global investors who share our vision for sustainable growth. Together, we will continue to drive India’s energy evolution, delivering value to all stakeholders involved.