We provide small loans to cash-intensive businesses. We value the human factor that enriches and sustains all of our professional relationships; as a lender, we visit our clients’ businesses and understand their operations from the ground up. We also place an emphasis on supporting and growing our clients by consulting them on optimizing cash flow.

For construction companies and real-estate developers

Overpopulation is one of India’s most critical complications and, as a result, Mumbai is embarking on transforming its infrastructure landscape by eliminating slums and reducing traffic congestion. Noya Enterprises acts as a financing partner to construction companies that are major stakeholders in this process, contributing to the resurgence of this thousand-year-old city.

We help infrastructure contractors and real-estate developers, financing them for contracts or subcontracts that they have secured. We operate by forming a consortium, providing the agreed-upon capital, and bring with us our governmental knowledge and bureaucratic connections to ensure smooth licensing, rapid execution and timely repayments for our investors.

For investors

We arrange investment opportunities under terms and conditions optimally tailored for our investors by understanding their investment objectives.

Our current investment focus involves project financing agricultural trade across the Middle East, Asia and Australia, real estate developments, providing capital to infrastructure companies and investing in various construction equipment. We fully collateralize all our funds and run a thorough due diligence process involving the investor, offering complete transparency on all our deals.

To investors investing within the domain of microfinance, we provide safe, collateralized and exceptionally high returns while enabling them to positively impact the marginal sections of society.

Meanwhile, investors in our international agro trading operations have the opportunity to capitalize on returns while directly impacting the lives of farmers whom we deal with directly for procurement of produce.

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